The Violet Empire

Mu, where everything collapsed… The wind was blowing very hardand from the sky we could see rays of light coming down on the waves; Niburu

Penelope the pink dragon

This story is special, it begins with the most powerful creature in the world, in fact in all the worlds. You might have thought that

The Rose Garden of Mumba

 Once upon a time, there was a tiger who loved (too much) roses. Do you find that curious? So do I! The rose is a

Return to Shambhala

I have travelled a lot in my life. I have visited very famous tourist places, but I have also made some darker detours to mysterious

Midnight Sun

Ingrid set foot on this new land like somebody would set foot on a wet floor, with the tips of her toes first, as a

The Cry of the Siren

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always picked up. Long before my past as a girl scout and long before those summers spent

African Planet

I will always remember the smell when the plane door opened and we walked on the tarmac. My senses automatically switched to 220 volts. It

The Battle of the Flowers

The wind rose suddenly. All the trees of the forest waved their branches in unison like a ballet. The sound of the rustling of leaves

My life in Rococo

What a funny word! Rococo is like an affectionate love word mixed with the name of an insect! “Come here my little rococo of love”

The Dragon of Shuan Po

The warrior stretched out his hand to grasp a semblance of a carved handle on the wall, but the black rock crumbled in his hand.