Mythical Creatures

Pegasus, the winged horse

Mythical créature Number 1: Pegasus! The legendary winged horse from Greek mythology. It was born from the severed head of the Gorgon Medusa. (Yeah, not too happy!) He is in charge of delivering lightning and thunder on Olympus.

The Yeti

Mythical creature Number 2: the Yeti! Mysterious and elusive, the yeti is a hybrid creature, between man and animal, observed in the high forests of the Himalayas. A traditional Tibetan figure popularized under the name of “abominable snowman”, also known as the big foot (northern United States), or Sasquatch (Canada, Salish Indians), legendary wild man of the mountains. Wild men have populated the imagination of all the remote regions of the world, mainly the high mountains and deep forests. For lack of material evidence, scientists refuse to acknowledge his existence and have still not solved the enigma represented by the gigantic footprints attributed to him. I love him since my childhood, the gentle giant!

The Sea Monster

Mythical creature number 3: the Sea Monster! Sea monsters, lurking in lakes and oceans; emerge from the depths. Vestiges of another time; fascinating and disturbing.

The Gnome

Mythical creature number 4: The Gnome! Small but great guardian of nature’s secrets! I love him with love!

The Mermaid

Mythical creature Number 5: the Mermaid! Legendary creature, half-woman, half-fish; from medieval and Scandinavian folklore. Their bewitching songs bewitch the sailors who automatically fall under their charms. Sorry to break your fantasies but they are more like fish than women… They are perhaps less pretty than you would like to believe! But all tastes are in nature…
Curious and charming!

The Minotaure

Mythical creature number 6: the Minotaure!  Half-man, half-bull, from Greek mythology. He was born from the love of Pasiphae and the white bull sent by Poseidon. Locked then in a labyrinth, he is the representation of the instinctive impulses of the man.

Powerful and grounded!

The Unicorn

Mythical creature Number 7: the Unicorn! The unicorn needs no introduction. I will tell you though that they are much wilder than you might think… They can signal great changes, if you know how to tame them. #wildspirit

The Dragon

Mythical creature number 8: The Dragon! No need for présentation here! Its origins date back to the paleontological era; no other creature embodies power and wisdom like him. He is a faithful companion who will be by your side forever. 

The Jackalope

Coming from the American midwest, the jackalope is a horned rabbit. Its antlers are similar to a deer or an antelope. It is very shy! It can also imitate the human voice to perfection; by talking or singing. The milk of female jackalope has medicinal properties and can cure any disease but good luck to catch one!

The Harpy

Mythical creature number 10: The Harpy. Coming from Greek mythology, she is a “captor” half woman, half bird; she stalks her prey relentlessly. Known to kidnap children and souls from the dead… If I were you, I would avoid annoying her because she can create storms, create wind and cause lightning and thunder. You are warned!

The Werewolf

Mythical Creature Number 11: The Werewolf! Another classic here! Human who turns into a wolf at full moon. This transformation may be due to several causes such as a curse, a voluntary ritual or a bite or scratch by another werewolf. They are mostly described as evil beings, endowed with colossal strength and great ferocity because they are capable of killing many people in one night. In my eyes, he is simply a great misunderstood! Transformations are often uncomfortable but just for a little while.

The Fairy

Mythical creature number 12: The Fairy! Very famous of course! I present here the fairy Maret from my story: The Battle of the Flowers. She is courageous, compassionate and has an unconditional love for her community.

Le Phoenix

Mythical creature number 13: the phoenix. Legendary mythical bird. Known for constantly rising from its ashes. According to the legend, it would be a cycle of perpetual death and rebirth… In a lifetime, the phoenix will be reborn from its ashes an average of 500 times! That’s a lot of new begginings!

The Quetzalcoalt

Mythical Creature number 14: Quetzalcoalt! Feathered snake from the… To be classified in the category “it’s complicated”. I promise to explain it to you more in my future oracle card game. Maya, Egypt and the Andes; connected to many civilizations. He is a master of astronomy and magic. Know that he has a double role because he is connected to the higher kingdoms by his feathers and because he is a snake, he masters the powers of the Earth.

The Vampire

Mythical creature number 15: the Vampire! Its origin obviously comes from Eastern Europe and dates from the 17th/18th century. Attractive creature that transcends death and remains frozen in time. They drink the blood of their victims and often bite on the neck. I depict them here as “femme fatal” because vampire men always remind me of Sam’s brother in the movie “The Lost Boys” and I keep him to myself! My first fantasy…

The Elf

Mythical creature number 16: the Elf. Super famous! Obviously of Nordic origin, this one is a forest guardian version. He invites you to discover the secrets hidden in your inner world and to become your own guardian.

The Sphinx

Mythical creature number 17: the Sphinx. Obviously very well known in Egypt but also elsewhere in the Middle East. Several civilizations took the image of the lion and modified it. It is a very old creature which makes a return… Its wisdom is infinite… You can entrust everything to him but he already knows…


Mythical creature number 18: Nanook! In the Inuit belief, he is the king of the polar bears. It is he who decides if hunters deserve to find and kill a bear, or if they have violated the laws of nature. He is about to break his collar of blue beads in order to free himself, as thousands of slaves did in times gone by…

The Djinn

Mythical creature number 19: Djinn! The djinn comes from the Arabic culture and is the cousin of the ghoul. In fact, its origin would be closer to some pagan beliefs. He has been interacting with humans for a very long time. He can take an animal form (he loves snakes) or human form. He is made of fire smoke and has a free will that he can use at any time. He controls his dark side; he has united his duality. He is ONE.


Mythical creature number 20: Medusa! From Greek mythology, Medusa is punished for having copulated with Poseidon. (other times, other customs…) She keeps her human form but her hair is transformed into a nest of snakes and her gaze petrifies all those on whom it is set. Beyond her appearance, Medusa teaches how to go beyond the conditions erected by the conscience. The transcendence of the ego… Will you dare to look at yourself?