Mu, where everything collapsed…

The wind was blowing very hardand from the sky we could see rays of light coming down on the waves; Niburu was approaching. The clouds were black. We could hear the wind rumbling. We had no time to prepare anything; we had to make difficult decisions very quickly… Adama chose to lead our people to what you now call Lemuria, Mount Shasta. He and I parted in a hurry. We sticked our foreheads together as we used to do, to seal our love forever. Promising to meet again one day, one time, one era…

Three chose to stay with me. We knelt in a circle around the crystals eagerly. We connected our hearts to them. We put all our trust in them that one day everything would be back to the surface. Then we sealed them together along with our hearts. We promised to meet again for Gaia’s ascension. We hugged one last time, trusting our love, the love we shared for the Source. I took eight crystals, held them close to my heart and boarded on the back of my lifelong friend, Faira, my white winged horse. We rode to the southeastern tip of the island, riding through the hills at full speed; we felt the urgency, the pressure building. We got to the tip of the island very quickly because the wind was with us and helped your wings to propel the maximum energy. I jumped off your back and watched you leave me… You too. I knew that we would meet again and again, but elsewhere, in another dimension. I reached the huge Moais statues, the guardians of the island, and buried four crystals under them; the other four, I buried in the heart of the ocean so that they would be protected by the waves. Then I stood upright at the tip of the island. I felt the violent wind blowing on my cheeks and from under my feet, the Earth opened up. I shouted to the sky; not a cry of distress, no a cry of confidence, of warrior, warrior of the light, forever and ever! Then I plunged from the top of that cliff with all my love and all my faith that I will return for you, Gaia, my daughter!

I was still in weightlessness, on the border between two worlds, as usual… But this time, things had become a little more complicated. A world pandemic had fallen upon us and it was now difficult to travel. I had been examined, looked at from every possible angle and they had decided that I looked just normal enough to board their plane. So I answered the call of Mount Shasta, the mountain that had been calling me for over a year now. Now it was time to return home, because yes, my connection to the Inner Earth was now obvious! The return of the child prodigy to the fold! Well, I thought I was pretty normal as a girl but not for them. It was heartwarming to know that they were so excited about my return, and since I tend to soak up other people’s emotions, I was now very excited to see them again!

I landed in Portland, Oregon to begin this journey, I had to go through the portal that the golden dragons had opened in 2010. It was also to help me and absorb the energy that the dragons wanted to offer me and also to eat the famous donuts from Voodoo doughnuts. My favorite was the pink, purple hibiscus flower if I remember correctly… Anyway,  I recommend it!

So I left Portland with a great van rental, a bed in the back and several full bags of groceries! Road trip style baby! Five hours and thirty-nine minutes separated me from my beloved mountain! The music pumping hardcore helped me stay focused.

About thirty minutes before arriving in the town of Mount Shasta, there is a lookout point, like an obligatory passage. We can see the main mountain; because yes there are several mountains in the region. In the distance, like a mirage out of nowhere, the high snowy peak revived something in me and I started to cry, I could not believe it! A woman in the car next to mine waved at me. She saw that I was in pain and invited me to get into her car. She said to me:

– I saw you crying, do you want a piece of cake?

That was the last thing I expected to hear!

– I just came back from my son’s wedding and the cake was really big and I ate way too much! I’m giving it to you.

I looked at the slice of white cake with a purple frosting sitting in the middle of the paper plate and to please her more than I wanted to, I took the plate.

– Ok, thank you! Have a nice trip and stay save!

I went back to my van with my new friend that I put on the passenger seat. I guess it was my welcome gift. I laughed and sped off to cover the last few miles (yikes, American miles… it’s like longer) to my Eldorado.

Mount Shasta is really not a big city in fact it reminded me a lot of St-Donat or any city with only one main commercial avenue. A few shops, each one more spiritual than the other, and a few restaurants; on the next street, a few hotels and a grocery store.  Everything I needed on this trip nothing more nothing less. As I was completely exhausted, I rented a hotel room with a view on the mountain even if I had a bed in my van! Yikes, the princess in me wanted comfort for her first night in the Kingdom! When we are traveling, we always wake up early because we are in a perpetual FOMO mode! So I took my peanut butter toast, my banana and my complementary hotel coffee and set off towards the winding paths on the mountain.

When the mountain had started calling me the year before. I didn’t really know why… I had always considered myself as a water person, the sea more than the mountain. So I had done some research but it was when I reconnected the threads of my heart that I really understood. I remembered the promise I made long before I was incarnated for this life. I remembered that when the time came, I would reactivate that forgotten past. The activation codes had always been in me.

So I went to the trail called Bunny Flats, one of the most popular. You can see the main mountain and it’s not a long a climb. Since it was April, there was still snow. There are some steps to climb then we find ourselves on a snow metow. The sun was going down and the mountain was turning violet! Another welcome gift! I instinctively went towards the pine tree that stood alone in the middle of this metow. The air was getting heavier, and I could feel my heart swelling and racing. I couldn’t see anyone, but I could feel the eyes of the forest watching me. My instincts led me from there…


I crouched down and put some white stones that were there in a circle. As I had done it a thousand times before, I took a stick and traced the codes into the Earth. How did I know what to trace you might ask? I simply listened and opened my heart. I put both hands on the ground and shed tears; tears as a symbol of renewal; tears to reconnect with you… To remind you that I had not forgotten my promise, that I was here, here, now; that I loved you and will always love you; that nothing in the world could separate us, that I had come home.

I got up and I felt you calling me… I headed for the mountain. There was a small path with tall pines on both sides. At the edge of it, I stopped and at the end of it, I saw you. Your presence always impressed me so much. I could feel your energy flowing through me and reconnecting with mine. I felt your love, I felt the feeling of extreme complicity that we have always shared. I felt the part of you that was emerging in me. That part of me that I had always missed, that had haunted me all my life, that I had searched for in this life, in so many times and worlds… You stretched out your hands and put them on my heart. You said: For you.  You placed a pink crystal with purple highlights on my heart; out of gratitude, out of love; as a symbol of our new beginning. An activation for an activation. You disappeared from my eyes, but you have been in my heart forever and ever since that moment. I went back to the big pine tree and lit a fire. I was surrounded by our people. I would never be alone again. I was vibrating with you now and forever. The Queen was back baby!

I left in my van and headed towards a drum circle i had heard about the day before. I felt very comfortable and welcomed there despite the fact that I often feel a bit “withdrawn” and don’t really fit anywhere… A celebration of thanks I guess, too bad my welcome cake completely melted on my passenger seat!

This is my story that I shared with you. You can believe it or not. But know that the reconnection has taken place, everything is falling into place for the construction of the new world, the Ascension is here. Knowledge is coming back, open your heart, look inside and reconnect to it. Mom is back! Home sweet home!