This story is special, it begins with the most powerful creature in the world, in fact in all the worlds. You might have thought that the most powerful creature in the world was a gigantic gorilla or a superhuman, who when he gets angry turns green, but no ! The most powerful creature in the world is a pink dragon named Penelope. Granted, Penelope isn’t the fiercest name, but they also say you shouldn’t trust appearances… She had been born so long ago, that she didn’t even remember her parents ; a vague memory in her heart. She had forgotten her origins as she travelled through different worlds and different periods of history. She had been there when the planet ” Earth ” had been formed. She had helped build different civilizations and empires such as : Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Maori, the Maya, the Inca, Lemuria and Atlantis. She was also present during the formation of a multitude of others planets and stars. She had travelled through the Pleiades, the constellation of Lyra, the constellation of Hydra; the various stars of Orion and was particularly affectionnate Arcturus, the orange star. From all these journeys, she kept wonderful memories ! She had met incredible people and learned from them ; the way they lived, their cultures, their languages. She often fell under the spell of these different ways of life because discovery, learning and experience are the foundations of life, no matter on which planets.

Penelope had also explored some of the most not recommended places, where vegetation does not grow; dark places where it is always night. There is a permanent smell of death, a place where we feel your ribs squeezing inside your rib cage.

She couldn’t remember exactly why she went there… I hear you say, but why consciously choosing to go where the shadow lives! Yes, sometimes some detours are unavoidable… Light cannot live without dark, it emerges from it. Penelope had lingered there a little too long, because you see, we learn to love what we live with; we learn to accept our part of shadow. However, we must be careful not to wallow in it ; observe it, accept it and let it go… Unfortunately for her, Penelope had stayed there a little too long; long enough for a little barbed wire fence to form around her heart. Penelope didn’t realize it …

Penelope was tired of traveling the galaxies and the stars, but what else could she do ? She had never found a place where she could feel at home.

One day as she was traveling through the galaxy, her eyes fell on a beautiful blue planet. It was a water world (like under the ocean) ; fish and mermaids lived together in harmony and a true atmosphere of serenity reigned. She was surprise to see a magnificent blue dragon swimming there. She thought to herself that it couldn’t possibly be a real dragon ! Dragons breathe fire and live on land. How could a dragon live in water without losing its firepower ? This simple idea was enough to fascinate her and fell instantly under the spell of  this beautiful water dragon. She watched him swim and envied the ease with which he moved through the water. She quietly approached him. He had not noticed her, too busy undulating his magnificent scales under the water. He felt a shadow blocking the sun’s rays above him and turned his head …

When he saw this big pink dragon flying in the air above him, his breath stopped. In fact, everything stopped, the waves, the sun, space, time and even the moon! He had never seen such a sublime creature. Of course, he had seen a few water dragons like him, but he had never seen a dragon fly with such ease and agility.

Water dragons could not fly. He could rise a little above the water level but nothing more. The mere sight of this enchanting creature filled his heart with a nameless happiness and he fell in love on the spot !

– Hello, she said to him. My name is Penelope. I’ve been traveling the galaxies for thousands of years and I’ve never seen a dragon swim as well as you do. In fact, I didn’t even know dragons could swim …

– Oh well ! My name is Latso and I’ve never seen a dragon fly as high as you ! I’ve lived here for thousands of years… I didn’t know dragons could live out of water !

– Have you been living here forever? Have you never left your water planet?

– No, I’ve wanted to fly away many times, but I’ve been advised against it. I was told that I would die without water ; that I could not survive without the salty air of my planet. I was told that I would not be able to adapt to changes and different climates …

– And you believed them ? But what do you really think in your heart ?

– I have always wanted to go further. I always had this feeling that there was something else out there … But i admit that i gave up. I admit that  i have lost faith in myself and in all the new possibilities that could open up for me. I am tired of being alone. I’m tired of fighting against the rest of the dragons on my planet.

– You know that the other dragons may not understand your choices. They may think you’re crazy. Visionaries are not very popular… And i admit, it takes a dose of madness, a taste for adventure and a heart of gold. Yes, a heart of gold so that it connects to your divine essence and breaks down the last walls of your reality. The last paradigms, and from them will emerge a nameless light that will give you eternal joy and finally a sense of completeness !

– And you will help me ? You will do this for me? And why would you do that ?

– I will help you. I will help you to regain your power to fly. I will stand by you. I will encourage you, if you accept my help of course… I will have faith in you. I will be there when you fall. I will always encourage you. I will not leave you. Have faith because I have faith in you. I’ve always loved you. Trust in us, in something you can’t see yet… Open your golden heart and believe in yourself, in us. Open your wings, you can do it. Because that’s how dreams start, it only takes one spark to rekindle the fire in you! My own spark has suffered a lot but it only took one look from you to remind me, to remind me of all that hope, all that love. And I want to make it live for you, with you and for me. If you offer me this chance, that’s why.

The two dragons contemplated each other for a long, long time. And with a snap of the fingers (or claws) the blue dragon soared over the waves ! At that very moment, a small barbed wire fence was seen flying over Penelope, she smiled and flew to his side.