Return to Shambhala

I have travelled a lot in my life. I have visited very famous tourist places, but I have also made some darker detours to mysterious places… Since childhood, i have always loved adventures; it is Dora the Explorer in me who expresses herself! 

The excitement of the departure usually wins me a good month before the date of the departure. I consult travel guides and maps; I “google” restaurants, grocery stores and markets. It’s well known that when the appetite is good, everything goes! I create a nice new table on Pinterest about my beloved destination and fill it with articles like: the top 10 things to do in blablabla… Then I go to the pharmacy to buy mini sizes of soap and cream of all kinds for the luggage and take the opportunity to buy myself a gossip magazine for the airport; yes, the gossip magazine is my guilty pre-departure pleasure. My boyfriend prefers to buy Time Magazine at the airport, it’s more chic! For me, I don’t know, the life of the “people” of this world brings me patience and comfort in a waiting area of nowhere. Between two customs, between two worlds; time stands still, each in balance in their own time zone.  

– Would you like to have milk in your coffee ma’am?

– Nah, thank you ma’am, I’ll have a glass of white wine please.

– Ahhh… ah yes, sure!

Or again: 

– Still or sparkling water?

– I’ll take the headphones and a sleep mask please. Wake me up when it’s boarding, thank you!

Huh?! There’s a boarding to go to the center of the Earth, you tell me? But yes, to the first question and, yes also to the second question implied; because that’s where I’m taking you for this story. Human beings have always wondered if they are alone on earth? In the galaxy, the universe? Well, I’ll tell you right away, we are not. Just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist… Is there life elsewhere on other planets? Yes, of course, there is!

And is there life on earth that we don’t know about yet? Again, I will say yes!

Perhaps you have already heard about Admiral Bird’s and Jules Verne’s journeys to the center of the Earth? Legend has it that at the center of our earth, there would be another earth, also possessing another sun, but really warmer. The people who live there look a little like us, but like here, there are several cities and several nationalities. As the sun is warmer there, the plants, animals and insects enjoy it a lot and are gigantic! And yes, if you ask yourself the question, it also means that spiders are huge!

When I go there, I don’t stay long, it’s much too hot and as I get older, I can’t stand the heat as well. You’re going to tell me that I’m only 41 years old, but it’s the same thing!

Sitting on my cold and uncomfortable plastic chair in the waiting area of the boarding gate, I leaf through my Star Life quietly. The more I turn the pages, the more I feel numbness in my hands; I can feel the vapors invading my brain a bit like when you feel dizzy?

I was looking for my way or a path in this bush. I was walking through this jungle with a not really confident step, thinking that maybe I should have “booked” a 4 star in Punta Cana after all. I had to squeeze the gigantic banana leaves with the back of my hand to make my way through the jungle. They were wet and I was a little afraid that on the back of one of them was a spider. Yes, that too… Me touching things before seeing them, it’s not my strength!

I heard the creaking of branches coming from behind me. I stopped sharply and held my breath as I turned around; in front of me stood a panther and a cheetah standing on their hind legs, dressed in loincloths and blindfolded with short red feathers on their heads. They looked like they were guardians of something…

– Damn it! We’ve been looking for you all over the bush for an hour! We knew you were coming today, we came to welcome you!

Well, at this precise moment, I hesitate between laughing and shouting. I contemplate them with my mouth open, even if it’s not the first time I’ve been here, I’m always amazed to meet such different people with many qualities that are familiar to me.

– Uh… well hello!

 – Yes, yes, good morning or good evening, depending on where you are in your day! We don’t have much time for conventions. Follow us!

I obey them, because unlike me, they seem to know where they’re going. We are still walking for a few minutes in the jungle when in front of us, out of nowhere, bright white rays come down from the sky. We continue to move forward and in front of us stands a bright, white, shiny city in the shape of a circle.

Here we are at last!

– Where are we at last, I asked them?

Of course, it is the city of Posid. You came there a score of times! Ah yes, sorry, I always forget that you must cross the limbo of amnesia to come here. At least, let us see that positively; it is as always your first time!

We head towards the gigantic door that seems to be the entrance to the city. In fact, it looks like a doorway arch made of shiny stones; symbols are engraved all the way to the top. We enter the city and my eyes suffer from hyperactivity! There are all kinds of majestic plants and flowers adorning the pavement of the street. We can hear a multitude of bird songs coming from the trees that also border our path. People and animals rub shoulders and all seem to be inhabited by the same soft and peaceful light; they smile at us.

We stop in front of a blue door. On it, there are drawings of engravings that seem familiar to me. I am as if hypnotized by them, I can’t look away. 

– Come on, let’s go in, says the cheetah, squeezing himself to the right to let me pass. He looks at me and understands what my eyes are focused on.

– Ah yes, it’s normal that you stare at these symbols. Every great artist likes to contemplate his creations from time to time!

– What? It’s me who did this, I asked him with an incredulous look on my face.

His answer was only a fat laugh.

We enter a large white and glittering room. In the middle of it, there is a long table and on it stand five large sparkling crystals. I had never seen such big ones before! They are so shiny. I can see each one of the little sparkles that shine and seem to make me smile tiny little smiles. They seem to invite me to touch them, to caress them.

– Can I touch them, I asked the panther? He nodded very solemnly.

I start with the first one on my left. I put my hand on it, and immediately I feel a little tingling in it. A kind of feeling of freshness emanates from him and this freshness goes up all along my arm. I put my other hand on the second one while keeping my palm on the first one. The little tingling still appears very quickly and then again the feeling of freshness, but a little warmer. I now have one hand on each crystal and I feel like a musical instrument. As if from each one of them a different sound or note comes out. I put my hand on the third one, and again, the same sensations, but even more freshness; almost like when you put your hand in the snow. What a strange orchestra of sensations!

I end up touching them all, one by one, trying to perceive the nuances. I am completely absorbed and fascinated by them, to the point where I forget that I am not alone. I hear someone behind me say: 

– I think that’s good…

– You’ve activated them all, it’s perfect. Only a high priestess can activate the healing crystals.

I frown when I tell them; you’re kidding me, right?

– You’ve got a lot of catching up to do as a young girl; one step at a time, one adventure at a time!

Hearing her words, I feel like I’m being sucked in from above. My whole body rises in a beam of light. I close my eyes under the pressure. My journey comes to an end.

I open my eyes, still a little stunned, and see the mini plane moving on the small screen in front of me. This one indicates the route that remains to be done to reach my destination. 

– Good morning! You are very lucky to be able to sleep on a plane, I can’t do it, my seat neighbour tells me.

– I wasn’t really sleeping…  

-Ah sorry, it’s that I heard you snoring and you even mumbled a few words that seemed to be in another language… And, nice tattoo there on your forearm! Is it a symbol?

I look at him without really understanding what he’s talking about, it seems to me that I don’t have a tattoo… I direct my eyes towards my forearm, and see a kind of small spiral, right there, under the bend of the elbow. While continuing to look at the symbol, I ask him, do you know what a priestess is, sir?