Midnight Sun

Ingrid set foot on this new land like somebody would set foot on a wet floor, with the tips of her toes first, as a scout. They transmitted the signal to the sole of her foot that she could land there. Then the signal vibrated to the heel, the heel docked and the whole body followed. There was a slight jolt and it seemed as if dust rose from beneath her step. Planet dust in space? I don’t know… The second step, more reassuring, followed the first and she looked up to contemplate these new horizons. White, a lot of white in shades ranging from beige to gray, spread out in front of her, like a blank canvas. The white in contrast with the immensity of the blackness of the space frightened her a little. She remembered her mission and continued to move forward. Close her eyes, breathe, count 1-2-3, breathe.

She continued her ascent, one step at a time, and despite many years of practice, she still had to concentrate in order to maintain her balance. All the complex preparation for the journey into space to which she had submitted for so many years seemed so ridiculous in the face of the magnitude of the place. After all, she was just a mere speck of dust lost in the universe.

She saw in the distance what seemed to be particles of dust in suspension. She moved towards it and the further she moved, the more it seemed to have. It was difficult to determine the distance between her and the particles, because the closer she got, the more it felt like she was moving backwards. Like an optical effect. Forward to backward… When she finally got there, she was surprised! In front of her stood a gigantic hole. Not a black hole there! But no, a hole, as if something had landed in catastrophe. BOOM! Here is a beautiful hole! 

Debris resembling galactic rocks were strewn all over the ground, like enormous confetti! When she looked closer, she saw a reflection; a bit like when light hits a glass object. She squinted her eyes and also saw a bit of pink. A rather frank fuchsia pink. Pink in space? It gave her the effect of a hug to the eyes. After all these shades of white and black, she smiled. Her curiosity had just been piqued and she began her descent towards this new center of interest. When she was at the height of the pink, she noticed that this pink was textured… A large part of it seemed to her to be buried, so she started to dig. The gloves of her spacesuit didn’t make it easy for her, but she managed to dig out most of what appeared to be a clear glass capsule. 

Visage d'ingrid qui creuse et s'énerve un peu...

She was surprised to discover what looked like a long, hairy, pink arm and leg. Not hairy like a dog, no; hairy like a mop. Yes, I know, it’s weird, but that’s the way life is! Long pink hairs that looked like laces and seemed very soft; but Ingrid didn’t feel like checking to see if it was the case! 

Then she heard a funny scream in the distance.

She had been warned about all the creatures she might encounter on this planet, so it didn’t bode well… She felt like running away, but after looking closer at the pink laces arm and leg, she felt compassion. What if she was the human crushed in that hole? She would accept help from anyone… Or anything!

A second cry was heard.

– Ok Ingrid had time to fool around! Hurry up! As if talking loudly to herself encouraged her a little.

She managed to twist the small safety latch on the capsule and the capsule opened, emitting a decompression noise. She pulled with all these forces on the pink lace arm. She pulled so hard that one of the pink shoelaces remained in her hand. Mechanically, she put it in one of the airtight pockets of her wetsuit. This pink piece of thread reminded her the hair of a doll she had as a child, Bretelle.

The arm began to move and one leg followed, then the other. A strange creature straightened up and stared at Ingrid, who was stunned. The encounter between two species is always memorable, but it was short because the shouts intensified. In spite of all their differences in skin, size and, let’s say it, texture. One thing they had in common was instinct. 

Bretelle dans toute sa splendeur.

The two new friends (yeah, yeah…) started running in the same direction. Ingrid quickly looked over her shoulder; she couldn’t believe her eyes! They were being chased by what seemed to be a mix of a dragon and a cow (again, I know, it’s weird, but I don’t know how to reassure you… I’ve never been in space on Ingrid’s planet and her pink lace-up baby… Life is like that; take my story)!

They were now running side by side, but all of a sudden the pink creature went backwards. Some pink laces had become tangled all around what looked like a big galactic rock. Probably a residue caused by the capsule falling into this hole. Ingrid slowed down and turning around saw the herd of dragon cows speeding up the pace. Either she retraced her steps to help miss pink shoelace or she doubled her course to reach her own ship, whose antenna could be seen in the distance.

What if I was the one who was held there, on the ground? Ingrid sighed, turned around and ran the few steps that separated her from Bretelle. She tried to lift the stone, not able to. She began to scratch around the stone so she could lift it. At that moment, Bretelle made some strange little noises; Ingrid thought it must mean thank you, you’re my friend for life now. I’m not going to be able to eat you!

Tu vois, c'est ça une vache-dragon.

Ingrid scratched and scratched around the rock, but it wasn’t easy to do it quickly with her damn big astronaut gloves. While scratching, from the corner of her eye, she watched the pack approaching very quickly. New scream… She had scratched so much that a piece under the stone was now visible. She grabbed it and lifted it up in one blow; it gave way with the pink laces that were stuck underneath. One of the dragon cows that had separated from the lot jumped on top of her. Strap grabbed her by the arm and Ingrid felt herself catapulted into the air!

– OMG, what about that?

While whirling, she saw two gigantic lianas coming out of the back of Strap. Like two tentacles just as hairy as the rest, had just thrown them both forward. They landed right next to the door of Ingrid’s ship. While getting up, Ingrid said to him:

– Couldn’t you have done this before?

She put her hand, well her glove, in front of the small illuminated rectangle to open the armored door of the ship. 

– Welcome aboard, dear Strap! 

They stood side by side and Ingrid started the take-off procedures. What? That’s how it ends… Yes, that’s how it ends! 

Sometimes, we judge diversity very quickly, who would have thought that cooperation could be born so suddenly between two so different species? I choose to see compassion. Compassion is like giving a chance to what we don’t know. It is choosing what is best in each one, taking it in one’s own hand and making it grow together. (yes, it’s also about putting yourself in the other person’s shoes). It’s opting for kindness, without malice, without asking for what’s in return. It is believing in the good when all seems lost.