The Dragon of Shuan Po

The warrior stretched out his hand to grasp a semblance of a carved handle on the wall, but the black rock crumbled in his hand. His phalanges were immaculately white from all the efforts he had made to reach the cave at the top. A few more meters and he would be there. He leaned against the wall and took a deep breath to his heart. As he breathed it out, he felt his strength and courage return. Well attached to his belt, the ritual cutlass was ready. The sharp blade was ready to be pushed in to let the blood flow. The blood, so precious. The blood that makes strong almost invincible; the blood that heals, that makes diseases far away. The blood that brings us closer to eternal life… He had heard this legend so often, it could only be true. He wanted to be the first to bring some back to the village and prove his worth as a man.

He began to feel the euphoria that settled in his stomach and rose to his heart. His hands became sweaty, but he continued his ascent; programmed to succeed. The air now entering his lungs was becoming more and more oppressive, but he kept up the pace. He finally set foot on what seemed to be the last pile of stone… And then… Nothing. Nothing? Apart from the few trees that stood proudly on this rock, nothing. He stood there at the very top, his eyes wide open; ready to react. Yet the only thing he could see was the light breeze brushing against his face.

– You should see your face! 

The warrior looked to the left and then to the right, nothing. He turned around…

– You’re funny! What are you doing here?

– Who’s talking? Show yourself!

– But I’m here my friend! Right here, under your nose.

The warrior looked down and saw nothing.

– On your right sleeve.

He looked down and saw a big orange dragonfly, there, on his sleeve.

– Cuckoo! And yes, everyone makes the same face when he meets me for the first time. Don’t worry, I know I’m beautiful! So, my dear, tell me what brings you here?

A dragon? There’s no such thing here!

The warrior told him the legend that he himself had heard so often. The properties of dragon blood and the immense power that the guardian of this treasure would possess.

– This is the best one! Don’t stop, your story is by far the craziest and craziest I’ve heard in a long time! Risking your life for a legend?

The warrior began to really lose his patience; he felt as if his new friend was making a royal joke of him.

– Listen, don’t get angry. Maybe it’s all just a big misunderstanding. I’ve been around here for several years and I’ve never come across or heard that a dragon would be living in a cave on this summit.

The warrior fell on the ground a little distraught. He began to think about his life. If only he too could be useful, have some value in the eyes of the elders. How he, too, would like his opinion to be considered. How he would like people to stop thinking of him as a child. He had always been a little more sensitive, and to tell the truth, the idea of killing this magnificent creature frightened him more than anything else, but it seemed to be the only way to gain respect. 

– Well, I’m just telling you this, but in a certain language they call me “dragonfly”… Maybe that’s why I’m confused… Yeah, you’re right, you’re right, a little bit skinnier. There are also those trees that you see over there, when you take the bark off, they bleed. Yeah, yeah, red and slimy. The villagers on the other side of the mountain sometimes come to harvest some of them. They make dye for clothing or incense.

The warrior stood up and walked towards these trees. At first glance, nothing strange. He took his cutlass and began to tear off a few pieces. In the palm of his hand, from these few pieces, a red and slightly viscous liquid flowed out. At that moment he felt betrayed and helpless. He thought back to the famous legend and…

 He started to laugh! A strong and communicative laugh! What else could he have done?

That’s how the inhabitants of Shuan Po learned that they had perpetuated a completely archaic traditions. They had been fooled by their own outdated collective. They had been given a thousand virtues in exchange for their own… Appearances are certainly deceiving and we see the reality we want to believe. However, a glance can completely change the perspective; the angle of view and illuminate a parallel reality that has remained hidden to this day.

They also concluded that from the simplest dragonfly to the grandest dragon; every creature is magnificent and perfect. Creating, interconnecting; all participants in the great spectacle of the reign of nature.